Membership Options

Truly Cigars offers 3 membership options to better accommodate everyone.



Mark Peeples says,
"The best I've been treated by any people, company or business since I came through the birth canal!"

David Bachofer says,
"I definitely enjoyed the events. The Marriott dinner was also nice. Tuesday night member nights are really great. Adding the outdoor patio was huge bonus"

James Noland says,
"Meeting other members, access to and locker storage at the shop."

David Sheilds says,
"Free cigars each month, time to spend with friends committed to Truly cigars, dinners."

Brian Riley says,
"Comraderie. Invites to dinners and special nights. Being greeted by name when I enter the store."

Jared Heaps says,
"Locker, discounts, special treatment, cigar events, private event."

Ryan Rogers says
"I liked the events. (kristoff, nording, etc) I thought they where done very tastefully."


Contact Tobias:

Tobias Jones, Store Manager
Office: (256) 275-3601
Cell: (256) 558-6900